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How to order your wedding cake?

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is well and staying safe! I hope you enjoyed your read on my first blog it was a simple one.

Right so, who loves weddings? I do... especially the cake and I often take the cake home to end of night with cup of tea in bed. Even though I’m not married. It is not that I’m trying to make a hint! Sorry Jordan, don’t think about it… yet (for my partner if he is reading this! LOL)

Ordering your wedding cake can seem simple but it doesn’t have be that hard but there are lots of details such as styling, design, flavours, servings guide and more. This is what I’m here for, I’m here to help with every detail to make sure you have a perfect wedding cake.

We can offer a consultation and tasting, you are welcome to stay or take the tasting home to try out with cup of tea. You may be wondering what I will be talking about at the consultation. I usually give a sheet of order form to give you an idea of what I need to know. I will be writing down on here example questions from the order form.


It doesn’t really matter; you might want a massive cake but only for 40 people. There are no rules at all. I usually give some advice such as if you’re going to have a small party but want to have a big cake, you can add a fake tier to it, to add the height or if you only want 3 tiers for more than 100 servings, in this case I highly recommend to add some more tiers or separate cake cuttings for the venue to serve to your guests.

It is fact, not all wedding guests eat cake. In my experience I noticed not many of us knew that the cake has been served, maybe it’s worth to look into it by asking the venue if the waiters can serve the cake to your guests even for half hour, rather than just leaving them on the table.

Also it is worth to think when to serve the cake, if you are going to have a three-course meal, serving the cake much later will be the best time just when the guests are not too full from the meal and to give more energy for dancing all night!

Often my couples want to keep small tier for them to enjoy with their families and friends a day after the wedding. The best hangover cure!


We can specialise in designing beautiful show cakes for your wedding, although we can use your design or we create our design to suit your wedding day.

I often received the photos such as from Pinterest or different cake maker’s Instagram or you see photos of what you want which is absolutely fine because I know what you really want but you got to remember I won’t do exactly the same one as the photo because of copy right.

I might also want to know what the venue is going to look like. For an example if you are going for a barn but you would like a traditional royal wedding cake, it might look out of place at a barn. So that is something I can help with. I help with every step.


I don’t think many of you know different types of icing. I do three different icings.

1) Buttercream

There are different types of buttercream. It is dependent on what flavour such as if you want go for carrot cake, buttercream cheese will be the best. The most popular is plain buttercream which is a simple one consisting of a mix of butter and icing sugar. It is alot softer than fondant and the taste will be never dry but they only last few days. Not ideal for summer if you are thinking of leaving the cake outside in the sun because they will MELT! Only if Air conditioning is available inside the venue is fine.

2) Chocolate Ganache

Many of you might be wondering what is chocolate Ganache. It is a chocolate and double cream; I know that’s it! This is the best to use underneath fondant or buttercream because It can give a really smooth and neat finish and to create a sharp edge although chocolate ganache can be used on its own as a finish for a cake, this will be perfect if you don’t like the idea of fondant or buttercream. Even better than that is white chocolate that can come in any colour or even white as paper, as you know white chocolate is actually not white (it is yellowish)

3) Fondant

Lastly, fondant is most commonly used to sculpt or decorate cakes. It is like the stuff you used to cover your fruit cake at Christmas. The texture of fondant is very different than most icing. It is basically the opposite of buttercream in most ways, such as fondant does not melt easily. The cake will last few days. Fondant can be marbled, painted and any texture can be added to give it a more interesting finish.


I offer a menu of flavours on my website. I know it can be tricky decision to choose which flavours for your big day. It is always a good idea to try some before you decide on which flavours. I’m very sorry if this is a very difficult one because they all taste good!


This is a very important one, it is always worth mentioning any allergies or dietary requirements. I also offer Gluten free and Vegan. If you only have one guest that is GF, I offer a separate ready cutting for the venue to serve.


It is worth to pay a little more for us to deliver and setup the cake on the day, it is only a little of money. Because in my experience, few couples collected the wedding cake. It was then absolutely wrecked (I was heart broke for them) so I highly recommend leaving it to me.

Also it is worth to think about where you are going to put the wedding cake at your venue, you don’t want it be in the middle of a room where everyone is walking about, big risk of knocking cake down, or right next to the radiator where it will melt. We don’t want that at all!


Cake stand is important as well, you don’t want the cake table looking too flat with the cake only. This is a great way of adding height to your cakes. Also lots of hotels provide the cake stand, sometimes they are wrong size, to be honest they are often too big or old fashioned which won’t look nice for a modern cake. So I recommend you to think about it, I’m able to supply the cake stand, depending on if they match to your wedding cake or any from cake suppliers. They do nicer ones.

Also you might worth to think about what to add to cake table, such as a knife they are important one especially for photos, pot of flowers or even a backdrop.

Whoop I believe I have written everything down. I made sure to keep it short, look like I didn’t but I tried my best!

If you’ve got any questions about ordering your wedding cake, please get in touch.

Please repost, tag someone who is getting married, comment or like. #supportsmallbusiness

See you on my next blog and Stay safe xx

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