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My very first blogger!

So, I’ve finally decided to start the blog I’ve always wanted to do it for v v v long time. Before I start, I would like to introduce myself first.

My name is Marion but people call me Maisy. I’m 26 years old. I live in Farnham, Surrey with my amazing partner and two crazy cute little ones who always want to eat my cake! I was born profoundly deaf and British sign language is my first language. I’ve lived in Farnham basically my whole life.

I started my cake business in 2015, wow I just felt the Goosebumps when I typed the date of year, I realised it been a very long time ago. I’m so cheery with myself how it turned out! Super proud but first of all massive thank you to my parents who supported me through all of those years up until (sorry if I’ve been a pain in bum) they are phenomenal!

When I first started the business, most of time I think I wouldn’t be successful but look at me I’m still here 6 years later. I believe my deafness pushes me, I just keep going. I can’t see myself working for someone else, I’m struggling to communicate with my speech and obviously it is not very clear. Like I said earlier, British sign language is my first language. And again, I’m so grateful for my parents and partner learned the sign language even my little ones (adorable I know!) so yes I love to work for myself, the one and only cake boss although it’s not easy but I still love it. Going back to when I first started my business, my parents converted their living room into my cake kitchen for 4 years and then we decided we need a bigger place and more professional. So my dad builds me a brand new cake studio in 2020. Photo attached below, please have a look! This is where I’m making cakes from, what a dream!

Anyway, I think I better stop waffling about myself and I have so many things to tell but I think I will save some for the next blogs.

You will be wondering what my next blog will be talking about, it will be "how to order your wedding cake" Keep your eyes out and tag someone who getting married!

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